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Aestrid (NL) + Finbogastan

21. Dezember 2017 - 20:00 - 23:00

12€ AK


Konzert mit Aestrid (NL) am 21. Dezember 2017 in Lucky’s Luke
On their latest and fifth album, SILVER, Aestrid from Soest, NL moves further down the line
continues to step away from endlessly tweaking songs to perfection and stacking layers and
layers of sound. Aestrid was anxious to get the feeling back that used to let them escape into
another world and pull them back into that moment where you can feel the sound pounding on
your chest and the adrenaline rushing through your body to get to that inspirational high. Bo
Menning says: „When I was a teenager I used to stand in front of my guitar amplifiers and
turned it up loud. I sang against the wall of sound that would come from the speakers. It was so
loud and overwhelming. It was like a blanket of sound you wrap yourself in while you’re lying on
your back looking up at the stars at night. „That was my world.“
The band’s vocalist, Bo says. That feeling kind of got pushed back as the band evolved over the
years but never forgot what got him into playing in the first place. Aestrid found that feeling back
and it all came together in one big studio space, in an open studio setting together with the help
of Sonne Scheermakers and Robin van Saaze. The result is overwhelming. Aestrid starts and
ends at a point, but it’s the ride where the real magic hides.
Aestrid was founded in 2004 by Bo Menning as a pure and direct emotional outlet in a room
filled with loud amps. Friends around Menning started to notice the cathartic intensity in even
talking with him about the music that he’d sometimes let them hear that were drawn from the
direction of post-hardcore bands like Fugazi and the melancholy from artists like Motorpsycho
and Elliott Smith. In the years that follow Aestrid has always held on to a healthy dose of DIY
work ethic and work on their own terms when it comes down to recording and putting out
albums. Every show has been known to be an intense experience for the band and their
audience. Nothing is held back and everything is spent till the very last note. Since the
beginning the band has played shows and recorded albums in and outside of the Netherlands,
taking them to Germany, Denmark, UK and Canada.
Mit von der Partie: Finbogastan aus Trier.



21. Dezember 2017
20:00 - 23:00
12€ AK


Lucky’s Luke
Luxemburger Straße 6
Trier, 54294 Deutschland
0651 83453


Lucky’s Luke
0651 83453