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The Turbo A.C.’s + The Denim Demons + a hurricane’s revenge

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The Turbo A.C.’s

DAMNATION OVERDRIVE – 20th Anniversary Edition

The world‘s best surf punk band is back! THE TURBO A.C.‘s put in a short break, just to return with an upcoming Europe tour and the reissue of their album „Damnation Overdrive“. The record, which had been sold out for quite some time now, will be re-released via Concrete Jungle Records in June 2016.

A brief throwback: Originally, „Damnation Overdrive“ came out in 1996 on Blackout! Records (New York). And it really hit a nerve in Europe. Gearhead magazine called them „a younger hungrier SUPERSUCKERS“. Music journalist Markus Kavka drew similarities to SOCIAL DISTORTION in the renowned magazine Metal Hammer. But „Damnation Overdrive“ really is more than just ‚reminiscent of something else‘. It‘s a brilliant approach to mix surf and punk and deliver it with a raw, energetic sound. It was fresh, it was new, and people were crazy about it. THE TURBO A.C.‘s soon had built up a solid fan base all over the world. After their first release, there were six more studio albums and countless tours to come. In 2011, the band released their latest album „Kill Everyone“ on Concrete Jungle Records. Now, they are busy working on their next record.

„Damnation Overdrive“ is full of hits – which makes it even more difficult to only name a few tracks as its highlights. „Puff of Smoke“, „Be Fast“, „Live to Win“, „Eat My Dust“ are classics – and after 20 years they haven‘t lost any of their energetic charm and raw atmosphere. For the album‘s reissue, THE TURBO A.C.‘s mastermind Kevin Cole (vocals / guitar) went over the songs again, remastered them and added two more bonus tracks to the record. „20 Years in Damnation Overdrive“ will be released as a limited Digipak on CD with an extra patch. The limited colored 12‘‘ LP comes with a DIN A1 poster and a free mp3 download card. Make sure to save one of these physical copies before they are sold out!

In case you‘ve been wondering why it got so quiet around the band in the last two years: Check out the „Revolution Pizza Shop“ on Facebook. After 25 years of living in New York, Kevin Cole, who‘s a passionate surfer, moved to Puerto Rico. There, he could finally make his dream come true: „The idea has always been with me, to live on the beach, have a little Pizzeria Bar on the beach. Surf everyday. I mean, I would think a lot of people have the same dream. So here I am.“ For two years he put most of his energy into his new project – the „Revolution Pizza Shop“. However, the band still stayed active – even with a distance of over 1600 miles between them it worked out surprisingly well. Now, that things have more or less settled down, Cole can‘t wait to finally start recording their 8th studio album. And of course, to play live again. „I‘m excited to revisit the songs from Damnation Overdrive live again. A lot of them we haven‘t played live for years. Plus we‘ll be playing some new stuff from the upcoming album as well. This will be a really exciting tour!“

This July, THE TURBO A.C.‘s will tour in Europe again.


The Denim Demons

a hurricane’s revenge


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The Turbo A.C.’s + The Denim Demons + A Hurricane’s Revenge

The Turbo A.C.'s

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The Turbo A.C.’s

The Turbo A.C.’s sind zurück!

Seit dem Sänger Kevin Cole sich vor einigen Jahren mit einem Pizzaladen am Strand von Puerto Rico einen kleinen Traum erfüllt hat, ist es ziemlich ruhig um die New Yorker Surf-Punk-Rock Legende geworden.

Nun geht es mit einer Neuauflage von „Damnation Overdrive“, sowie den ersten neuen Songs für ein achtes Studioalbum endlich wieder durch Deutschland’s Clubs.

Davor gibt’s Turbonegro Tribute von den DENIM DEMONS, sowie Popotritt Rock n’ Roll von Trier’s sexiest Band alive, A HURRICANE’S REVENGE.

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